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Queen of Soul: The Atlantic Recordings


Aretha Franklin

жанры: soul

Тексты песен из этого альбома:

  1. 1.Drown in My Own Tears
  2. 2.I Never Loved a Man★★
  3. 3.Soul Serenade
  4. 4.Baby Baby Baby
  5. 5.Dr. Feelgood
  6. 6.Good Times
  7. 7.Save Me★★
  8. 8.Do Right Woman, Do Right Man
  9. 9.Since You've Been Gone
  10. 10.Chain of Fools★★★★
  11. 11.I Say a Little Prayer★★★★★
  12. 12.The House That Jack Built
  13. 13.Baby I Love You
  14. 14.a Natural Woman★★★
  15. 15.See Saw
  16. 16.Never Let Me Go
  17. 17.Night Life
  18. 18.Ain't Nobody
  19. 19.Come Back Baby
  20. 20.Ain't No Way
  21. 21.My Song
  22. 22.You Send Me
  23. 23.Night Time Is The Right Time
  24. 24.I Take What I Want
  25. 25.I Can't See Myself Leaving You
  26. 26.People Get Ready
  27. 27.Today I Sing the Blues
  28. 28.I Wonder
  29. 29.You Are My Sunshine
  30. 30.Going Down Slow
  31. 31.Prove It
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