Saturday Nite


Earth, Wind & Fire

жанры: funk, soul, 70s, disco
альбомы: Greatest Hits, The Essential Earth, Wind & Fire, THE ETERNAL DANCE, The Essential, The Very Best of, Boogie Wonderland: The Best Of Earth, Wind & Fire, Spirit
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.6 / 648 просмотров
One, two
One, two, three, four
It was Saturday night, the moon was bright shining
Saturday night
Shining down
It was Saturday night, the moon was bright
Shining down, it's harvest light
Music all around to hear, set the stage and atmosphere
Many dress to suit their taste
Participate in the ego race
Tonight's the night, for you to be
Biggest man in historySaturday night's your curtain call
You found your place after all
I saw a face now in the crowd
Sayin' nothin', yet talking loudLife is just a day
Living games we play
London Bridge is fallin' down
Do what Simon says
Doing what you feel
Games can be unreal
Humpty-dumpty when you fall
There be no one here to call
Life is still your mystery
You see, you see, you seeMany friends, who gather 'round
In hope, to feel safe and sound
We emphasize, to make it clear
Our stumbling nation's atmosphere
While looking through the looking glass
Our vision show, a stormy past
When you gonna wake, and see the sun
Stop wasting time and having fun, yeahLife is just a day
Daily games you play
London Bridge has fallen down
You did what Simon said
Doing what you feel
Games are so unreal
Humpty-dumpty why'd you fall
You see there's no one here to call
Now we've solved this mystery
You see, you see, you seeDoing what you feel be unreal life is just a day
Life is still a mystery daily game we play
Saturday night, tonight's the night
Participate, Saturday night
What you gonna do when the night is blue
When the cloud is gone and your dream is true, ooh yeah
Saturday night, tonight's the night
Participate, Saturday night, yeah
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Это интересно:Earth, Wind & Fire — американская группа, играющая музыку в стиле Фанк. Основана в 1969 г. в Чикаго. Ей принадлежат такие известные хиты, как «Fantasy», «September», «Shining Star», «Let’s Groove» и др.БиографияМузыка «Earth, Wind And Fire» вобрала в себя множество стилей — соул, фанк, ритм-энд-блюз, поп, госпел, джаз и африканские ритмы. Коллектив был образован по инициативе барабанщика Мориса Уайта (р. 19 декабря 1941),... продолжение
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