The Chess Box


Etta James

жанры: jazz, blues, soul

Тексты песен из этого альбома:

  1. 1.If I Can't Have You
  2. 2.Trust in Me
  3. 3.Prisoner Of Love
  4. 4.At Last★★★★★
  5. 5.A Sunday Kind of Love
  6. 6.Stormy Weather
  7. 7.Anything To Say You're Mine
  8. 8.I Want to Be Loved
  9. 9.All I Could Do Was Cry
  10. 10.My Dearest Darling
  11. 11.Next Door To The Blues
  12. 12.Don't Cry Baby
  13. 13.Fool That I Am
  14. 14.Two Sides
  15. 15.Stop The Wedding
  16. 16.In The Basement Part One
  17. 17.Baby, What You Want Me To Do
  18. 18.One for My Baby
  19. 19.Waiting For Charlie
  20. 20.Don't Get Around Much Anymore
  21. 21.I Don't Want It
  22. 22.You Got Me Where You Want Me
  23. 23.Be Honest With Me
  24. 24.Would It Make Any Difference To You
  25. 25.Pay Back
  26. 26.Lovin' You More Every Day
  27. 27.I Wish Someone Would Care
  28. 28.Only Time Will Tell
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