жанры: trip-hop, electronic, downtempo, chillout, ambient
альбомы: Psyence Fiction
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5 / 972 просмотра
{Ordo ob kao, 'order out of chaos'
And the idea is that, uh
With the influence of powerful forces behind the scene
You can bring order out of the chaos that we see
We know, for instance, that much of the
An eerie order underneath even chaos
As if the finger of God in order and disorder is always there somehow
I agree
He has nothing to support this
Y-you're so full of it
Aliens, protecting society? How?
Chaos happens, there's too many people here}Gotta learn the way to turn
Hat over eye
Feeling dead more than alive
Give her something to rely
On one more timeNo one hears the sound
Fear is all around
Turn the music loud
No more lullabyNo way in, no way out
Empty talk and TV shouts
Got to find their way around
No, you ain't no lifer
In this townNo one hears the sound
Fear is all around
Turn the music loud
No more lullabyStop the beat, hear the sound
Time has come for you to speak
Your mind
Can't you hear the sound?
Chaos all aroundTurn the music loud
No more lullaby
(Dede dede, dede dede, dede dede)
Learn to fly
Это интересно:В те времена, когда биг-бит/Big Beat проявлялся только загадочным блеском в глазах Нормана Fatboy Slim Кука, очень много говорилось о трип-хопе. Британский родственник хип-хопа, подверженный частым сменам настроения — от плохого к депрессивному, стоял на краю танцпола в широких штанах, затягиваясь огромными косяками и рассказывая о том, как он зависал с Beastie... продолжение
А как ты думаешь, о чем песня "Chaos" ?
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